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Florida Craft Spirits Association

Florida Bastard Bourbon Blend

Florida Bastard Bourbon Blend

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Available online only through the Florida Craft Spirits Association in partnership with RackHouse, the FCSA has created "Florida Bastard." A whiskey blend tells the story of the incredible distillers across the state of Florida. This fine whiskey is the first of its kind, was sourced entirely from eight Florida craft distilleries. The limited edition whiskey is a blend of bourbon, straight rye whiskey, straight rye finished in maple syrup barrels, and American Single Malt. The blended whiskeys range from 7 years to a rapid aged whiskey. 

  • Dark Door Spirits
  • Kozuba & Sons Distillery
  • Loaded Cannon Distilled Spirits
  • Loggerhead Distillery
  • Manifest Distilling
  • Marlin & Barrel Distillery
  • St. Augustine Distillery
  • St. Petersburg Distillery

Take home a bottle of this VERY limited release bottle today!

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About the Florida Craft Spirits Organization

The Florida Craft Spirits Association (FCSA) advocates for the state's handcrafted distilled spirits industry.

We offer support for entrepreneurs, established distillers, and enthusiasts alike, playing a crucial role in the future of Florida's distilled spirits community.

What's more, we came together to make a special creation: the Florida Bastard Bourbon Blend — the official spirit of the FSCA in a bottle.

Florida Bastard Bourbon Blend